Technical consultancy

During the manufacturing of recycled granules, the type and quality of industrial waste used may generate products with different impacts in the molding or extrusion phases, giving them more or less high-performance properties. To obtain the best results, we collaborate with our clients during the technical and design phases with a view to agreeing upon the most suitable granule; we work together throughout the various phases, enabling the client to conduct molding tests during the development of the product, which they will then go on to purchase.

Logistics management

Our lean, flexible organization and the excellent working relationships we have consolidated over time with renowned transport companies allow us to manage seamless deliveries to the client, enabling us to respect the agreed delivery schedules and to meet an array of requirements and timescales. The packages can be delivered in bulk bags and in tanks.

Storage and warehousing

If required, we are able to provide a storage service to deal with unforeseen circumstances that may make it impossible to deliver at the agreed time.

Credit management

To make the commercial relationship run smoothly and to remove any uncertainties, Dieffe has always made use of the services offered by the CERVED financial and commercial consultancy company, together with CREDIT AGRICOLE EUROFACTOR.

Post-sales support

Our constant, ongoing monitoring of the products we have delivered, and our readiness to find the most appropriate solution to all types of problems that may arise, help to ensure that our clients appreciate the strength and reliability we bring to the table.